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Automotive Wraps

  Automotive Wraps in Ontario

Automotive wraps from Sign Design allows you to reach countless customers each and every day. With your company car wrapped in vinyl with an advertisement for your business, people on the road will take notice.


In years past, businesses ordered company cars painted with their names and logos. This process is permanent and also very expensive. Plus, if you don’t own the vehicle, you’re limited on whether you’re allowed to paint the automobile. As a solution, Sign Design offers vinyl wraps to customers. The vinyl wrap fits snugly over your vehicle and advertises your company while on the move. Automotive wraps from Sign Design can be a temporary way to advertise a company car. Once you’re done with the marketing campaign, the vinyl wrap is easily removed and the car is restored to its original appearance.


Contact Sign Design to receive a quote on our automotive wraps. Our graphic designers are experts at creating images that will get your vehicles noticed by prospective customers.

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